Caring for your jewelry

Jewelry is lovely to wear and look at. With some simple care steps your jewelry should remain in good condition for a long time.
Some items can be passed down to future generations. Here are a few tips on jewelry care.
Different stones and materials need different care. Neatly store your jewelry so pieces can't scratch other pieces.
Glass enamels and glass beads can break if dropped so handle items made with them carefully when putting on or taking off.

Do not wear your jewelry swimming or when using harsh chemicals.

Pearls should not be stored in plastic. Put your pearls on after you have applied your makeup, perfume and hairspray. Wipe them down with a soft cloth after wearing. Do not put them in an ultrasonic cleaner.
Silver should be stored in a plastic bag or a silverware cloth bag.

Wearing silver tends to keep tarnish from building up. You can gently rub the silver w/ a soft t-shirt or a polishing cloth to remove tarnish .
The silverware key chains can be polished with silverware paste cleaner.