Jeanne Millman, designer

I am Jeanne Millman. Silver Robin Designs was named in honor of my Mom. After Mom passed I was wandering in my yard thinking about a new business name and immediately saw a Robin, our Michigan state bird, clear out in California and I felt Mom's presence...I create my jewelry in my Southern California studio and am influenced by the plants and birds and wildlife I view out my window along with places I have traveled to.

I get bored eating just one cuisine and it's the same in my design studio... I LOVE different "flavors" so I work with many jewelry making techniques.
Maybe you are the same way, wearing different styles of clothing and jewelry depending on your mood for the day or the event you are attending.
I also love to wear jewelry pieces that bring forth memories of loved ones and places I have visited. Maybe you have some jewelry that does that for you.

Since my childhood in Michigan, I have collected rocks, leaves and other bits of nature and drawn doodles of flowers, shells, and birds. While working in my organic garden, I notice interesting textures, patterns and colors... The blue flash of a ScrubJay flying past. The patterns in the clouds overhead. Inspiration for new designs is endless. I have chosen hummingbird favored plants so I can watch them from inside while working.
Adding in travel to several countries around the world, especially Greece and Turkey, gave me many more design ideas from thousands of years ago.

Whether I am using some of my decades accumulation of beads from around the world or carving a new design in wax, Or creating an enamel piece, a part of my memories goes in each piece I create.

I hope you will create memories while wearing my jewelry. And also I hope my items remind you of people, times, and places in your life. Maybe a special trip to a tropical beach or a hike through a forest. My wish is, as you touch the piece of jewelry while wearing it, you will be transported in your mind to those lovely memories...

So please take a stroll through my shop to find your special "flavor" to add to your collection and also take a moment to sign up for my periodic newsletters to get new "flavor" details and special promotions.